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This site was created to show case my best work.  I have endured long days with little sleep especially in summer whilst on site capturing the great light of sunrise and sunset. I have braved terrible weather including climbing dangerous cliffs with a dodgy torch to get to the location I felt was the best.  


About Me

My first interest in photography came from my  father who had a Pentax Spotmatic.  I don’t recall using his camera many times but it was a fun thing learning to capture moments intime.  The first and only formal training I received was at university in Australia. I was doing a science degree with a math major and just hated one of my subjects so much I had to change after 6 weeks. The subject was modern algebra and I felt proving theorem was a pointless task and I knew I had no intention on continuing down this line.  Being lucky enough to perform a photography elective outside my particular course was a great break.  I had already missed nearly half the course and missed many of the basics so it was really catch up time.  If it was any other subject I may have found this overwhelming to catch up but due to my interest, putting in the long hours to complete all the assignments that I had missed was very enjoyable.  The only productive hours in the darkroom were after midnight so I camped in the darkroom and produced my first work.  I recall cutting many shapes from the cardboard that came from the Ilford paper to hone in on my burning skills.  I also recall creating my own grains on film negatives so I could create different effects on my pictures.   

After this class and the purchase of my first camera (Nikon F401) in 1990 I only shot photos of my travel, family and friends.  I brought my camera along to a couple of friends weddings and I recall getting favourable feedback.  I guess they were less formal and captured different enjoyable moments rather than formal poses. I bought a friends Nikon D100, my first digital SLR and enjoyed the experience straight away. 

I enjoy the challenge to identify an image in the right light that is creative and unique. I wasn’t aware of my style initially but the one characteristic, which stands out, is the use of strong lead in lines in my work. I also like to create the sensation that you can see easily and can touch the foreground objects in my pictures so I often shoot from low angles. 

Even through I do mainly shoot colour, I still love black and white and do produce some of my work in this format.  I enjoy many genres of photography as well.  From landscape, botanical, abstract to travel. As I am a great lover of the outdoors, landscape photography is a pleasure and somewhat an obsession. 

I love the beauty of the world and the many surprises and challenges that it presents to us every day.  To capture these moments is a privilege. 


Yorkshire Dales

Queensland Rainforest

Moreton Island

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